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Business Registration & Notarization

Services for business registration and notarization

At ServiGroup we have established ourselves as the pioneers in business registration in Florida, both for natural individuals living within or outside the United States. As well as for small and medium-sized companies that are already established abroad but need to expand their scope and reach the North American market.
Registration and Renewal of Companies
Our job is to provide an easy path for clients to comply with all kinds of legal paperwork. For this reason, we provide advice on the constitution of corporations and commercial companies. We carry out registration, renewal, dissolution, and amendment processes.
Notary Public and Documents Legalization
Make notarizations at your commercial office or the client's home. We can authenticate documents in a timely and professional manner, such as general powers of attorney, signature recognition, corporate documents, marriage ceremony, and certified copies.

    4732 US Hwy 98 N. Lakeland, 33809